Kitchens are one of the two places that people spend the most money on when they are doing remodels. The reason that the costs are so high for kitchens is that the density of expensive components is high: Appliances, cabinets, countertops, exhaust systems, lighting flooring and tile are all expensive, and most kitchens incorporate most or all of these components. I like to cook, and build kitchens, so the ability to project needs and designs for functional spaces comes naturally to me.

I love to introduce people to custom cabinetry that maximizes the usefulness of spaces. Examples are: spice drawers next to cook tops; roll out pantries that hold 6 or 8 shelves and are only 12” wide; custom trash and recycling cabinets that roll out; functional corner cabinets (Lazy Susans); drawers that pull out to organize pot covers; under-sink roll out shelves to organize cleaners, etc. Soft-close drawers are a big favorite as well. There is an impressive array of materials available for cabinet construction, and choosing the correct materials, design, and finishes is imperative to the overall appearance, feel and function of a new kitchen.

Combine efficient design with good lighting, tasked spaces, efficient storage, and good workflows, and a kitchen becomes a pleasure to cook and live in. One kitchen that I created for a client with a ranch in Missouri was made entirely from reclaimed barnwood. I built cabinets, enclosed sound systems, replaced cabinet faces and doors, fabricated a pull-out cutting board, and even installed cabinet lights that turned on by touching the antique hinges on the cabinet doors! The barnwood was complimented by cherry wood to construct some bookshelves across from the kitchen, and the effect was stunning.

Another kitchen, in Mill Valley, was Modern: black cabinets with white counters and walls. Each room has it’s own personality that needs to be fleshed out, before it is built, in the design stage. Kitchens can be very simple and clean, or incredibly complex, depending upon the needs of the owner.