Design/Build and Custom Remodels

The majority of clients that are referred to me have an idea of what they want or need from me, while the rest just know that something is wrong that they need to fix, such as a leaking window that is causing a drip from a ceiling. In either case, I walk the potential client through a process of determining what it is that they want or need, what that might cost, a discussion of timing and materials, and educate them so that they are capable of making an informed decision.

There are many clients who have been dreaming about improvements to their spaces for quite a while, and they will usually be able to tell me what they want. Other clients have engaged architects and have plans, and sometimes building permits, already in hand. For the others who haven’t done any of those things, I am here to help!

The process that I take clients through is an interview of sorts… trying to determine what it is that they want, need, and already know. In my exploration, I look at the occupants, the desired function, health issues, mobility and/or disability, materials, technologies, timing, costs, permits & legal restrictions, building/project history and anything else that could possibly effect the outcome of the project. When all of the factors have been considered, then we come to agreement on what needs to happen, the materials desired and outcome expected. I work up a plan to accomplish that, and generate estimates for the resources required to complete the project, and then present that to the client. This process can be as easy as continuing the conversation for a few minutes, or go on for weeks, depending upon the complexity of the design. I will discuss that with the potential client, if a lengthy process is expected.